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Tips When Planning a Destination Beach Wedding

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Tips When Planning a Destination Beach Wedding

] Details: Please consult with the vendors time, the date, and location of the events of this day. Despite the fact that it is written on your contract, sometimes things may change. Be sure that your vendors have your mobile telephone numbers or the amounts. The balance should even be paid ahead of time, as we don’t advise that you wait until that day to cover the balance. As you know, on that afternoon, things are crazy, and it just adds to the strain of this day.

Remember to secure any necessary permits and license fees related with getting married on the beach-especially if you are using one of the state or national parks. Many times your vendors, like your photographers, will require having business liability insurance and separate photography special event permits to perform their services around the shore. We suggest employing a wedding planner that is licensed familiar with the region, as she or he will understand idiosyncrasies and the principles of the variety of beach locations, as well as the regional providers and reception venues. It will alleviate the need for you to need to make several trips to meet with vendors, coordinate details, and deal with the stress of making sure that everything is in place by the day of the wedding.

After all, it is supposed to be a period in your life, and you shouldn’t need to worry about details. That is a marriage coordinator’s job.

Time Frame, and Locations: We always subject the questions, “Well, what if we are getting married in a church but desire shore formals, or what should we are getting prepared in one area, getting married to the beach, and getting our reception in still another location? Remember that this takes some time, so plan so both with all the ceremony/reception place(s) as well as the portrait program that you select. If you did not opt for full day coverage, the time frame is CRITICAL, because although you may think that everything is going to go according to plan and everything is going to be on schedule, it does. If your package only includes 3 hours, then it is 3 hours INCLUDING travel time to buy to location.

During the months in a shore town, traffic and parking are issues. People wrongly assume that they can gain from place to put in a couple of minutes. Despite the fact that your destination might just be a couple of blocks or a couple of minutes away, tourists drive quite gradually, traffic jams are more frequent, and parking is at a high in some locations (think boardwalk and oceanfront places). Such as, your reception is located on the outskirts of a city and if your ceremony is on the shore somewhere in a crowded downtown beach location, then you require to allow for travel time even though it technically is only maybe a few miles away. Also, remember that photographers want time to do all of those “must-have” before and after shots that you will want to consider for your particular moment.

If you’re opting for getting prepared shots, PLEASE be ready to be photographed when the photographers arrive. It happens so often that the brides and her bridesmaids are not ready until the last possible minute or the groom and his groomsmen are doing shots out in their panties, and after that, the photographers have to scramble to get those all-important pre-ceremony formals. It results in everybody forgetting something that they were supposed to bring or wear or do and possibly getting all flustered. It takes an hour to do so, so that means that your hair and makeup should be done and your dress needs to be prepared to be put on by that time since you’ll be in every shot. After the ceremony, you will require allowing time. It is crucial for many weddings since these are. Remember that if you scheduled your reception to begin a half of one hour after the ceremony, we all would need is that half hour-subtracting time for travel, receiving line, etc.

The vast majority of the formals are done right after the ceremony, although some family shots can be performed at the reception when there’s more time and if everybody is more comfortable. It takes time to present groups of people, and when there are kids involved, it takes just a bit to make them pay attention. It is when we redesign the brides who have contained a cocktail hour for their guests that we’ve got the time while the guests are enjoying the beginning of the reception, to do the formals.

Although we understand that it is your wedding day and that you should have the right to be late to your dinner if you want, it does cause issues with another vendor. If you and the bridal party are overdue at the reception, then the chef or caterer, the DJ, the hosts, and the banquet manager are understandably unhappy because the food will be cold and they will be under a time crunch to attempt to get back on schedule.

It is the point where the place location is essential. It is so far more convenient and a real time saver if you can decide on a place that has a shore area to utilize for the ceremony. A block of rooms that can be reserved for out of town guests, ample parking for those guests, and a reception area large enough to accommodate those guests.

Special Tips for Beach Weddings: Beach weddings are lovely, but make sure you plan for windblown hair, squinty eyes and unpleasant shadows in the event the marriage is too early, a possible rainout, also uninvited beachgoers from the background if it is not to a private beach. Often brides will spend many hours in the salon getting their hair done, only to be disappointed when windy circumstances at the beach ruin all of the money and the time they spent on their hair. We recommend and a lot of hairsprays. Also, long veils are pretty, but keep in mind that they require being anchored down so if a gust of wind leaves them airborne, that they don’t go upside down the shore.

Always have backup plans in case of a possible rainout or one of those famed coastal storms (we now call them Nor’Easters here in Maryland). You don’t want to appear to be a mess on an essential day of your life. Keep in mind that you most likely will have elderly guests at your wedding, so they will require being accommodated with beach wheelchairs, special seating, and a handicap beach access ramp if needed. The last thing you want is for a grandmother to fall down the dune and break her hip on the road into the beach.

Uncle Tom or Aunt Mary using a camera or a video camera: Although we are very nice about giving relatives and friends the opportunity to shoot their photos at your wedding, a few photographers attempt to dissuade this. Videographers like to stand throughout the ceremony supporting the officiant, and this also produces quite a distracting ‘extra person’ your ceremony shots in all. If it is a professional videographer, they usually know better than this-but Uncle Tom believes he’s doing you a favor obtaining his footage. He does not recognize that he is ruining your wedding images by being in the way. Because church weddings don’t provide the opportunity for this to occur, this is not uncommon during shore weddings. Do your best not to forget that you’re paying for professional images of your special moment. You would hate to have a bunch of pictures of the two of you looking or even of Uncle Tom in the background.

Final Thoughts: Always remember that it is your special day, so no matter what happens, just enjoy the afternoon and try not to fret about every small detail. If you hire vendors that are utilized to doing weddings at the beach, you’ll be assured that they will be sure that all runs smoothly. Because you’re at the mercy of the sellers, this applies in particular when you don’t hire a wedding planner. Like I always tell my brides, choose your vendors wisely! Portrait Studios is a professional portrait studio.

We offer services like toned sepia prints, selective colorization, bridal portrait retouching, HDR, and mix HD movie slideshows. We are Ocean City Chambers of Commerce and members of the Bethany Fenwick, the Professional Photographers of America PPA, the Wedding and Portrait Professionals International WPPI, the Digital Wedding Forum, the National Association of Photoshop Professionals NAPP, and local charitable organizations. We are licensed in Delaware and Maryland.

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