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The Top 10 Wedding Makeup Must Haves

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The Top 10 Wedding Makeup Must Haves

Its shoes, others adore chocolate.?, My dependence is cosmetics! , I just LOVE going to the cosmetic counters and appearing at all the new products, having the artists develop a brand new style for me when I am going out with my girls in town, or splurging (SHHH! Don’t tell my thoughts!). When it comes to cosmetics for your wedding, it becomes! , You would like to be a “fantasy in white” not, “pasty in white” or even worse… “trashy in white!” , YIKES! , Take a look which is going to make your hubby-to-be exclaim.VA VA VA VOOM!!!

Mineral makeup only sweeps on your face and provides you an amazing all-natural glow (along with terrific coverage!) It makes the skin appear magnificent as the oils reflect light off the skin just like millions of small mirrors. You’ll look perfect in your wedding photographs! Lashes were just sworn by all the women from across Canada! They made our eyes POP if we were on stage. They will do the same for you! (And it will not cost you an arm and a leg) Makeup site E.L.F (Eyes.Lips.Face. Makeup) has their Spectacular Lash Kit available for only $1!! (When applying these ensure that the center of the lash is right for your student), Bring About The Babelicious Bronzer, It would be horrifying to hear that your guests had been phoning you “Casper, the friendly ghost bride” at your wedding! All of us need a bit of assistance from the pigment section occasionally (at any time you do if you are as fair skinned as I am!).

I recommend that you begin, so you know what works for you BEFORE the marriage, experimenting with a bronzer! You’ve all seen starlets like Jessica Simpson and Charlize Theron go self-tanner made ahead of a red carpet event. You do not need to be a bride!! Bronzer is a friendly (non-permanent) method to give you a fantastic bridal glow.

Try E.L.F’s Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder for only a $1! , Luscious Red Lips, Your pout needs to have a tinge of red this year. It was THE HOT COLOR at New York Fashion Week! And consider the contrast along with your white bridal gown. WOW! You will be magnificent. However, allow me to warn you! It’s the things you went mad with when you were 5 and snuck from your Mother’s makeup purse! (You likely remember her scrubbing off it!) There are hundreds of many shades of crimson that you truly need to get it right when it comes to your wedding look.

It is a reason to go to the beauty department! , you’ll most likely be stressed out before your wedding although Coverage for All Your Stresses, Sorry to inform you this sweetie. The strangest part? It may begin to show on your skin! Now that would be a shame. That is the reason you need to invest in the cover up the expert’s usage (me included!).

It’s Laura Mercier’s Secret Camouflage concealer. I’m not the only one who believes in the magic of this concealer. It was featured in InStyle Weddings’ Fall 2007 edition. That usually means another visit to the cosmetics counters to pick up this small gem. Oh damn! , Protection from the Hot Hot Sun, You can only hope that the gorgeous sunshine is a guest on your wedding day. But when you’re outside smiling for the cameras you require to make sure that you are protected against its damaging rays. Walking in your reception radiating rather than radiant is not the look you are going. Getting a blotchy, sun burnt bride is avoidable! , Plump, Kissable Lips, and that means you are going together with the color of rouge for the sultry siren lips.

However, you would like your lips to be EXTRA kissable on your wedding day. Try a plumper! I had one of my girlfriends try mine after we had lunch and she called me an hour afterward wanting to know what it was called and where I got it! Well, I’m going to tell you… It’s LipFusion Micro-Injected Collagen Lip Plump. It doesn’t sting or burn.

Tons of Hollywood celebs (like Desperate Housewives’ Marcia Cross, One Tree Hill’s Sophia Bush and Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively) have been jumping on the Lip Fusion bandwagon. You may feel too!! It had been featured in the September 2007 editions of the Marie Claire and Allure magazines. It’s a cream-based formula which you scatter on your lips for a stained end. I just love how tender and feminine you seem when you put it on., Magical Metallics, Something else that I found at Bobbi Brown is the new lineup of Metallic eye shadows. From the picture I’ve shown that the model is wearing the variation Midnight Metallics. These palettes include a NEW line of velvety shadows. Each palette has three shadows in them.

When combined they surely ignite to make your eyes sparkle! You Shimmer on the Dance Floor – I think it is damn hot to add a little shimmer to a collet (that’s the neckline of your dress which exposes “the women”). Don’t go CRAZY You want to be classy, NOT trashy. (Evil looks from your Mother-In- Law can be stored for AFTER the wedding day!) But it is completely acceptable to add a little glow to your exposed skin. Especially once the lights dim and the reception will get underway.

I’ll bet he can barely wait to find the honeymoon! Bobbi Brown’s Shimmer Brick Compactsts are perfect for providing your skin WOW Ladies, a moon kissed glow.! I cannot believe I just shared my Top 10 Bridal Beauty Secrets with you!

For FREE! Invest in some terrific cosmetics to practice your appearance in the event you anticipate having an expert help you. Brides need a dashing, dream-filled wedding flip into Ciara for all of their wedding planning needs. , Ciara is a proud member of the Association of Bridal Consultants., Subscribe for Tips & Tricks for the Vibrant & Stylish Bride and Party Host at:

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