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The Structure of a Wedding Ceremony

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The Structure of a Wedding Ceremony

While your wedding ceremony can consist of absolutely anything, it often helps couples clarify their thinking to know what the traditional structure of a service appears. This way, they’ve got a sense of stream, and also what elements they may want to look for in personalizing their wedding. I come from a theater background, so bear with me, since I tend to think of the ceremony in those terms.

Additionally, since I perform ceremonies for people of all gender combinations and sexual orientations, I’m going to describe the two individuals getting married (a combo of antiques and grooms) because of The Couple.

THE PRESHOW, This will be when your guests are coming, and everybody in the wedding celebration is finishing getting dressed, doing last minute hair and makeup tests, along with swaying one more time.

Reputable Tip: Have a person – let’s call them that the STAGE MANAGER – designated to keep tabs on the period and at which everybody in the wedding party is so that they can let the Officiant know that the marriage celebration is prepared (all bridesmaids from the toilet) and the ceremony might begin.

The Stage Manager might be your wedding planner if you have 1, or even a close friend or relative. Nevertheless, this person should NOT be at the marriage celebration. The Stage Manager must also have a phone handy so that some guests who are lost can call for directions.

THE PROCESSIONAL, This is the place where the bridal party passes. Comment on how good everyone seems, pictures are taken, anticipation mounts for the significant Wedding Outfits Reveal. The Processional ends when The Couple is standing at the altar.

Helpful Suggestion: Without any babies or pets at the bridal party. They’re just too erratic, although it feels like a cute concept. There’s an old expression in the theater: Never talk about the stage with animals or children. They will always steal the show.

THE PROLOGUE, This is the place where the Officiant begins the ceremony – usually by welcoming everyone to this beautiful occasion, honoring loved ones who may not be current, and saying something sensible and pithy about love and marriage. Reputable Suggestion: Should you have poetry, songs, or brief readings you’d like included, this is a good spot for it. You might also light candles, plant bulbs, or ritually wash each others’ hands.

THE PLAY Here will be the second when The Couple exchanges ring and state their promises. Sometimes they also wrap their hands into fabric or ribbon. That can be known as Handfasting., Useful Tip: It is OK to see your vows from a bit of newspaper or have the Officiant feed them to one line online. Don’t attempt to shove on the ring all the way on your Beloved’s finger. Hands swell when people get anxious. Only set the ring as far as the upper knuckle, and let the person whose hand it’s taking it the rest of the way.

THE PRONOUNCEMENT, This will be the moment when most of the vows are created, and some final poems, songs, or even blessings shared. The couple leap over a broom, stomp on glass or may sip ceremonial wine. Then there is a big kiss, cheer, and everybody heads out into the party., Useful Tip: Know how you wish to be pronounced and introduced. Or: “Ladies and Gentlemen, please congratulate The Couple Jones!” It is just a sketch of a ceremony. Filling it in is your choice, and I am pleased to help you with that process. And keep in mind, it does not have to be ideal. You will complete the day married to your Beloved, no matter what happens. Using her background in writing, performing and she infuses yoga teaching, training together with spirit, heart, and meaning.

You want the best combo of humor and novelty, tradition, and heart, meaning, and magic. You need a ritual created for you and presided over by someone who encourages your vision and can create the perfect atmosphere. Kathryn is there to support you via all that to co-create your ideal day.

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