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The Number One SEO Strategy That is Guaranteed to Boost Your Website Traffic

The Number One SEO Strategy that is Guaranteed to boost Your Website Traffic

You’ve got your site on the internet. It shows off the things that were great that your potential customers would love, what next? , Search Engine Optimisation or SEO for short, that just means that you rank your site in such a way that it seems high up on Google and the other search engines to find the phrases or Keywords that people used when the lookup internet was leading to potential customers seeing your website.

There are a lot of articles out there that will tell you that the specific things that you need to concentrate on to optimise your site, yet one thing that most Individuals don’t say is this:

Optimise every single page on your site for a different keyword or phrase., This is guaranteed to help you get the most website traffic out of Google. If you are selling some different products, it is a Great idea to optimize a separate web page on your site for every of your various goods and services.

It Means That every of your products or services will have a better Prospect of coming up high on Google if a related term is searched.

What many site owners do is they lump all their services together onto one web page, and then try to optimise that one page for half a dozen different keywords/products. As far as Google is concerned the message on your Services Page is too varied to Work in the lookup results., You need to be more specific, it will assist Google.

For Example:, kindly assume you own and conduct a Beauty Salon in Hampshire, UK, and you are supplying the following services on your salon:

Skin Care, Massages, Semi Permanent makeup, Teeth Whitening, Tanning and Bridal Make Up., Most site owners That Are paying someone else to construct their site would bulge all the services together onto one page, and then listing all the services every having a little description, this is usually a cheaper option.

The problem with this in the eyes of Google is that the info on that web page is all about lots of different things, so if your competitor’s pages are more particular Google will prefer your competitor’s pages in the hunt results.

The Ideal Way to go on this is to create separate pages for every of your products/keywords. You can still keep your initial Services Page that lists All of Your services as which is great from a visitors point of view but by adding six new pages highly relevant to their particular service/products that you increase the Odds of a specific page being seen in the search engines. And an extra six pages will increase the general content and size of your website which will even enter your favor Google.

To see an example of a web page which is optimized for just one particular service see the following page > Semi Permanent MakeUp Hampshire, Leonardo Wood specializes in assisting Semi Permanent Make Up Technicians with their online advertising, find out more > Semi Permanent makeup [], A

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