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So You Think You Want to Do a Destination Wedding at Sandals Or Beaches Resorts

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So you think you want to do a Destination Wedding at Sandals or Beaches Resorts

Thinking of Beaches & Sandals? Here’s what you require to know! First things first: Location, Location Location! It is the hardest portion of the procedure. So many wonderful choices, how can you tell what’s the hotel for you? It’s essential to do your research on every country because every provides a unique experience.

For example, the Bahamas possess a very western feel to trips and its shopping and are very westernised. Snorkeling and scuba diving are excellent in the Bahamas Jamaica, provides so many excursion alternatives, using its natural waterfalls, mountains, and beaches that are beautiful. A destination wedding advisor will be able to help you decide., What next: Sandals has 12 unique hotels, and all provide a different feel and atmosphere, It is better to talk with an expert who understands the properties, so which you can get your info. When you know which hotel we would like to choose, you will require being ready to at least make a deposit on your room so that the wedding day can be secured (View “How to Book your Sandals & Beaches Wedding” under).

A destination wedding consultant can give you room recommendations based on what you are looking for and a category that will offer you the wedding. Sandals & Beaches provide excellent wedding packages. You should examine the wedding packages to see what package that is best for you. Make sure you have all the info you need on documentation required to get married to the island and requirements you chose. If you are doing a ceremony, this won’t be necessary. You’re able to attach using a U.S. based wedding coordinator to your hotel at which you will learn about the marriage packages, ceremony locations, reception locations and extras which you can increase your day.

You might want to ensure that you have so that your wedding method is effortless and smooth sailing all your questions answered and help you receive your documentation in on time. You can find a group contract and ensure that your guests will find the best pricing available if needed. A destination wedding consultant can ensure that your marriage is set up so that you get! , wedding favours (to mention a few):

Accessories (cake cutter, champagne glasses, party favours, attendant gifts etc.), Destination Wedding Dress, Photography, Videography, Internet Streaming, KATT Cruise, Sesame Street Character for 30 minutes at reception (beachfront), and DJ, Steel Drum Band, Violinist. Saxophonist, Soloist, Candlelight Dinner for Bride & Groom, private transfers, Hair, Makeup, Nails, Spa therapies, Standard Cocktail reception, Private Cocktail reception, Private Dinner, Private Reception & Dinner.

Wedding Inclusions Picturesque Wedding Location Bridal Bouquet & Groom’s Boutonniere Pre-Recorded Musical Accompaniment Marriage Officer Sparkling Wine & Chilled Hors d’oeuvres Reception for Bride, Groom and Two guests (30 minutes)

Two-tiered Caribbean Wedding Cake Personal Wedding Consultant Honeymoon Dinner for Bride & Groom Continental Breakfast in bed the next morning One (1) 5×7 Wedding Photograph Preparation of Marriage Records Certified Marriage Certificate Specific Wedding Gift, Please note:

All wedding topics include a table to get bride and groom and two guests. Additional tables for guests (around eight every) are offered for an extra price. Bookings made at a Premium level or higher at Beaches Resorts will be qualified for an entirely free WeddingMoo.

Bookings made at Sandals Resorts at Concierge level or higher will be trained for a WeddingMoon using a minimum six-night stay. Payment coverage for Beautiful Beginnings and Renewal of Vows is a $200 deposit within seven days of booking. Closing balance is due 60 days before travel. Cancellation coverage for Weddings and Renewal of Vows is non-refundable within 45 days before arrival., the way to reserve your Sandals or Beaches Wedding: It is helpful to reserve your marriage as much in advance as possible, especially in the event you have a particular date and if it’s a Holiday weekend. If possible, 1 – 2 years before hand, at least one year. Should you’d have this much time, that’s fine. Secured. The very first thing we’ll do will be safe your area. Time and your wedding day will be held as well as a group code after you have that. The group code will be used if we choose not to have a group contract and will help you in getting any group amenities you may qualify for (like a free update).

I will inform you if a group deal is better to your own, own group. As a reference, the team host is beneficial if you are reserving in advance and you have more or 5 chambers. It will guarantee the deficient speed (rates always increase and booking in advance will save everybody money) also gives everybody in the group an update. A 10 percent deposit is needed to secure and is usually paid by the bride and groom.

This money will be applied to your room that is personal as guests phone me to ensure their distance. A group contract will be the deposit for several chambers not just the 400 room deposit. The deposit will be made and once the contract is in place, time and The wedding date can be secured. Telephone a destination wedding expert for information! , you’ll get honest advice & expert and direction to ensure you have all the information you require to choose the resort and location that is best for you. You will have someone to go to when you have a query.

A destination wedding consultant Can Help you and your guests with the travel process and will put up transports and, Legal Requirements:

Bahamas: Residency of 48 hours (2 full business days – Friday coming will allow a Wednesday marriage)

Antigua: Residency of 48 hours (must include one business day, Friday coming will enable a Monday marriage) Friday arrival is Thursday wedding. Monday coming lets Friday marriage) Turks & Caicos: Residency of 48 hours (day of arrival and weekend not contained. a Friday beginning allows a Thursday wedding), Documentation required: For both Jamaica and Turks/Caicos just:, documents must be mailed

Notarized copies of groom and bride’s state-issued birth certificates

Notarized copy of divorce decree closing conclusion (if applicable)

Notarized copy of lawful adoption documents or legal name change (if applicable)

Notarized affidavit of spinstership and bachelorhood, using increased seal must be dated within 90 afternoons Before wedding date, if applicable (such as Turks/Caicos just)

Notarized copy of lawful translation of all records to English together with original files in original language (if applicable)

Notarized copy of passport or driver’s license (Turks & Caicos just)

All original and court certified documents must be hand-carried (Turks & Caicos just), For Bahamas/St. Lucia/Antigua:, All files with licensed court seals must be hand carried to the island. Faxed copies are demanded

Country issued State or Passports issued birth certificates of bride and groom

All pages of divorce decree closing conclusion (if applicable)

If applicable, spouse’s marriage certificate and death certification

Legal translation of all documents into English (if applicable), Hope this helps you make all of your destination wedding dreams come true! Tami has built one of the honeymoon and destination wedding services in the United States. Visit our website, and blog for more info.




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