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Single Girls Guide to Makeover Magic

Simple Girls Guide to Makeover Magic

Let us face it, husbands. Thanks to cable TV, we’re now addicted to endless episodes of makeover shows in which each “Plain Jane,” together with her closet-from-hell, learns to choose the correct clothes, cosmetics, and hairstyle, then right before our eyes, transforms into a real beauty! And notice how looking good makes her feel enabled? And, everything in under an hour! Amazing! , But, what if this young charmer that is self-confident is 1 of the millions of your only sisters on the hunt for Prince Charming, who happens to be on the hunt for his Princess Charming? In that case, this might be the perfect time to check in along with your mirror, mirror on the wall to determine how you fare with all this growing competition., You know, Cinderella had this so straightforward.

In the real world, this gets a little more complicated. Odds are your priest. Additionally, your chances of being the next TV makeover are relatively slim. You could hire a style-savvy godmother, AKA a fashion consultant, but if a cost of 200 isn’t on your budget, what is a girl just like you to perform when the whole point is to make a first impression that leaves a possible prince wanting more? , Well, a girl just like you’ll take charge of her life.

Presenting the I’ll Do It MYSELF Makeover! , You start with your head. So, again, your face is your focus, especially the colors of your face. I promise you when you understand how to use the power of color to lighten your own eyes, hair color that is natural, and skin, the same as on the makeover shows, magic will happen! Those eyes will glow, and your complexion will shine. And, glowing is a plus for first impressions, especially if a prince will remember forever the first time he watched your face., on the opposite hand, glowing is practically impossible when you wear colors that clash with your own.

Such as, if you have translucent skin, watercolor eyes, and hair the color of soft wheat, envision the tragedy of black stripes that is double heavy bronze cosmetics, and a day glows dress with brown jewelry. Right! Not great! The colors overpower your personal, and POOF! You evaporate. Colors paler than your pops out of your natural shine so that you seem older and tired than you are. Again, not great.

To go for the glow, here are the “have to know” that make it happen! , UNDERSTANDING BASIC COLOR ANALYSIS, Most style consultants rely on the Munsell Color System to determine a client’s color palette. This scientific system is based upon three components: HUE, VALUE, and CHROMA:, HUE is the name of the color.

Straightforward Hues: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple.

Hues: Green-Yellow Yellow-Red, Blue-Green, Purple-Blue, and Red-Purple.

The larger white, the higher the value. Pure black gets the value; authentic white gets the most top.

CHROMA: this color’s strength or clarity.

Muted, grayed colors have reduced chroma; clean, vibrant, vivid colors have large chroma., HOW TO DETERMINE MAKEUP COLORS, FOUNDATION: Match the skin tone in the outer corner of your eyes. Blend the makeup on your face and neck, and after that match in the indoor lighting and sunlight to your skin tone. Tip: To ensure you pick the proper foundation shade, have a buddy along for a second opinion., EYE MAKEUP: Utilize your lash and eyebrow color for the everyday mascara, eyeliner, and eyebrow pencil. For a more dramatic effect, raise the color value of the makeup. Choose eye shadow in your eye or eyebrow color. Hint: Your eyes contain a rainbow of complementary colors. Use a magnifying mirror to see the full spectrum., LIPSTICK, and BLUSH: Match for your lips and lips.

Gently pinch both the cheeks and lips, noting the color goes pink, reddish, or orange. Having some exercise, your makeup regimen will take you from ordinary to shining in five minutes or less. The way to DETERMINE WARDROBE COLORS, In case you’ve spent a lifetime believing you cannot wear certain colors, then understanding Hue, Value, and Chroma opens up a whole new world. Just picture! Red is not just one color, but a full range of options from yellow-red to purple-red, from pastel pink to deepest burgundy REDS: The lips and colors

GREENS / BLUES: For eyes that are blue or green, use your eye color. For brown or black eyes, use blue or green on your eye “rainbow,” or use a color wheel to meet your eye color to complimentary greens or blues.

YELLOWS: Trickiest of all colors to determine. Springs and Summers wear yellow; Falls wear yellow; Winters use bright yellow.

NEUTRALS: Current or former (in case your hair is colored or grayed) natural hair color, and eyes in the case primarily brown or black. Use neutrals for suits, coats, skirts, pants, coats, shoes and purses., necessary STYLE DESCRIPTIONS. Colour analysts frequently use the four seasons to glow skin, eye and hair color with the complementary fashion style. To describe each season’s style, I’ve grouped celebrities based upon promotional photographs. Note: About 50% of us have a season. If a star’s picture exhibits a secondary, then it is noticed in parenthesis., SUMMER: Look of Yesterday

COMPLEXION: Clear, calm, delicate

HAIR COLOR: Ash blonde, light to moderate reddish or brownish; matures to icy white or pepper and salt, cold

EYE COLOR: Iris -Soft green, blue, black, amber or cold brownish; Sclera (snowy encircling the iris) – Gray or white

COLORS: Minimal to moderate intensity, soft, grayed, translucent, watercolor tones

NEUTRALS: Cool shades of beige, pale gray that is cool

FASHION STYLE: Soft, subtle, delicate, nostalgic, mixed tone on tone, nominal contrast

JEWELRY: Silver, gold, white gold, crystals

BRIDAL GOWN: Cool white

AVOID High contrast, dark colors, warm/earth tones, including gold and aluminum accessories.

Celebs: Jane Seymore, Charlize Theron (Spring secondary), Cate Blanchett, Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman, Grace Kelly, Sarah Jessica Parker (Spring secondary), Scarlett Johansson (Spring secondary), and Mia Farrow, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Queen Elizabeth, Diane Sawyer, Celine Dion (Fall secondary),

FALL: Look at Nature

COMPLEXION tonnes of gold or olive, may have freckles or look mottled

HAIR COLOR: Auburn, Engineered golden, brown, red, chestnut; matures to salt white and pepper

EYE COLOR: Iris – brownish, gold, green, hazel, amber; Sclera – warm off-white

COLORS: Warm colors; Falls Aren’t Limited to ground tones

NEUTRALS: Warm browns, tans, greens that are dark, khaki, black rust

FASHION STYLE: Earthy fiery exotic, layered, sensuous

JEWELRY: Gold, copper, tortoise shell, semi-precious rocks, feathers, wood, shells

BRIDAL GOWN: off-white, beige, champagne that is Warm

AVOID Black, black with white, pastels, bright chrome, CELEBS: Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, Cindy Crawford (chilly secondary), Oprah Winfrey, Julia Roberts (Summer secondary). Halle Berry, Salma Hayek, Julianne Moore, Sophia Loren, Annette Bening (Summer secondary) . and Queen Latifah (Spring secondary), and Barbra Streisand (Summer secondary), and Penelope Cruz (Winter secondary). , WINTER: Look of Sophistication

COMPLEXION: translucent, Pearlized, clean, refreshing

Freezing or HAIR COLOR: Black dark brownish that is cool; glow to silvery white

Note: the ability of Winter’s comparison reduces.

EYE COLOR: Iris – Black or very dark – Actual High Contrast

COLORS intensity jewel tones, fresh and crisp

Notice Winters use black and white, or black as colors.

NEUTRALS pristine white that is cool.

JEWELRY: Silver gem stones, rhinestones.

FASHION STYLE: Classy Higher contrast, stunning powerful modern, angled, colorful

BRIDAL GOWN: Icy white

Celebs: Snow White, Catherine Zeta Jones (Fall secondary), Elizabeth Taylor (Summer secondary), Lisa Minelli, Marlo Thomas, Eva Longoria, Lucy Liu, Elizabeth Hurley, Judith Dench (Spring secondary), Juliette Binoche (Fall secondary).

And Anjelica Huston, Isabella Rossellini (Summer secondary),

and SPRING: Look of Today

COMPLEXION: Clear, moderately warm to cool

HAIR COLOR: Golden, ash or cherry blonde, auburn, reddish, light to dark brown; flocked to pepper and salt, warm gray or white.

COLORS: Clear bright

NEUTRALS: soft black, Warm whites, beiges, tans, brown, navy


JEWELRY: Gold, silver, gold, semi-precious stones, vinyl

, These descriptions only touch the face of how your image is transformed by color and creates unforgettable impressions! The services of a professional consultant, preferably 1 trained in the Munsell System, are invaluable for assessing your color palette, complimentary prints, accessories, cosmetics, body proportion, and hair and style. Fees can range from $200 to $1000, but, thinking about the money that you’ve wasted buying cosmetics that just never worked, and clothing still hanging together with their price tags in the rear of your closet since you shout “I don’t have anything to use!” , a professional evaluation is a bargain. In the meantime, here’s a listing of shopping hints to get your transformation!


– To build a coordinated, workable wardrobe, determine your basic needs based on your lifestyle, such as professional, clothes and casual, evening, hobbies. For each area, purchase a core outfit, such as a cocktail dress, a match, slacks and coat that is complimentary, plus a few blouses, sweaters, and accessories., Decision You do not need a king’s ransom! Even drug stores carry quality cosmetics. Shop ending of year sales, and thrift and consignment shops for accessories and quality clothes. A Princess does! , by requesting seamstress or a fabric store to help save you,

– Gather cloth swatches scraps. Also, don’t forget your closet! Simply snip a sample from within the hem if you have colors on your palette. Keep your patterns within an envelope to deliver should you shop.

– Once shopping, first matches the thing for your colors. Next, double check in a mirror. Hold the thing from the face, then ask the $64,000 question: “Does this color compliment or clash with my regular coloring?” If “yes,” try it on to check that the fit flatters your body. If color and fit are equally “yes,” buy it. If color and fit are “no,” no matter how much you adore it, pass. Bear in mind. You shine when the colors that you wear compliment the colors that you are.Decision To spice up any ensemble, consider accessories. Add earrings and sunglasses before you run out into the mall in those first jeans, or throw a scarf around your coat’s collar. You will radiate “I care how I look, and I look and feel great”! Not a bad first vibe, especially for an unsuspecting prince watching exceptional you emerge out of a typical crowd of shoppers.

– Gather your “other seasons” sisters to get a dress “swap match” A few of jewelry, hats, and my clothes have come for just such an occasion! , One fashion accessory that promises to get you shining every second of each day,

Think you are the Princess worthy of the Prince your dream. Afterward, dress to prove it., Relationship specialist, consultant, and educator, Morgan Delaney, MS, let unmarried women with the real secrets about relationships and dating, based on a decade of research in the fields of developmental psychology, and brain-based gender differences, and the fascinating mysteries of the male psyche. To Find out More about Ms. Delaney’s relationship research, and coming books, visit [], A

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