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Preparing Your Wedding Budget

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Preparing your Wedding Budget

Before you do anything else, you have to come up with a wedding budget. What’s the maximum? Not only the food and the place and also the DJ but I believe EVERYTHING! Yes, that includes save-the-dates, bridesmaid/groomsmen presents, favors, your dress, the tux rental, etc.

Many people today leave out each of the “small” items when creating a budget and do not recognize which is adds up very quickly! All of these “little things” could be a few thousands of dollars!! While there are ways to save on those items, we still want to contain them in your wedding budget., WHAT IS? , This question may not be as easy as you might think, so first, we require to think of who will be paying. Are? Will you and your fiance be paying yourselves? Will uncles aunts, and friends be pitching? Talk to everyone who is going to be part of the preparation procedure and together, come up with an amount that you won’t be going over.. You might be thinking, “Well, I only wish to have a look at some venues first to observe how much cash I am going to need first. Sorry, but which is not going to work. Prices range from $35 per person to 350 dollars per person based on the place and let’s be real; you aren’t going to magically come up with enough cash to feed 500 guests at 350 dollars person. at least majority of us aren’t. And here is the thing, brides get the most overwhelmed if they are still going weekend after weekend just to find that the 25 venues they have seen are all out of their budget after all.

That’s just a waste of your time along with also the Catering Manager’s time and is 1 of the top reasons brides get overwhelmed and want to call it quits! So just trust me on this 1 – develop a budget and just tour venues that are within the assortment of your budget., Now you ask, “Just how am I supposed to know if the venues are within budget?” I will supply that to you! Your site budget including drink, meals, and the venue rental is going to be about 40-50 percent of your wedding budget. When you see pricing to get a place, they do not include tax and service fee (which is usually about 20 percent).

For example, you find a place with a price per person of $40. Now that means you are going to end up in the $50 or greater variety when you add tax and service fee on the market. So, without having to do these mathematics every time, and the excellent company called Ever After ( has a budget calculator that will allow you to realize your price per person funding before tax and service fee aka the printed place price.

The link is below:,, Now that we know how much cash you are ready to spend in your position, let’s take a look at a more comprehensive budgeting calculator. And I am sorry, but you are going to have to do the math on this 1! Below is a range of what each item is going to cost you, and these ranges are general guidelines.

From this, I would sit down with your fiance and write out your budget for each item so you make sure there are no surprises when it comes time to pay these bills Main Video: $600-$4,000 Titles (edited to video): $50-$300 Extra Hours: $35-$150 (per hour) Photo Montage: $60-$300 Extra Copies: $15-$50, STATIONARY Response Cards: $0.40-$1 Reception Cards: $0.40-$1 Ceremony Cards: $0.40-$1 Pew Cards-$1 Seating/Place Cards-$1 Rain Cards (alternate location for bad weather): $0.25-$1 Maps: $0.50-$1 Announcements: $0.75-$2 Stamps: $0.40-$1 Napkins/Matchbooks: $0.50-$1.50, RECEPTION Reception Website Fee: $300-$5,000 Hors D’Oeuvres: $3-$20 (per person) Main Meal/Caterer: $20-$100 (each person) Liquor/Beverages: $8-$35 (per person) Bartending/Bar Set-Up Fee: $75-$500 Corkage Fee: $5-$20 per bottle Fee to Pour Coffee: $0.25-$1 (a person) Service Providers’ Meals: $10-$30 (per person) Gratuity: 15-25 percent Party Favors: $1-$25 (per person) Disposable Cameras: $4-$20 (a camera) Rose Petals/Rice: $0.35-$2 Parking/Valet: $3-$10 a car Ceremony Music: $100-$900 Reception Music: $500-$5,000, BAKERY Wedding Cake: $2-$12 (each bit) Groom’s Cake: $1-$2 (each bit) Cake Delivery/Set-Up Fee: $40-$100 Cake Cutting Fee: $0.75-$2.50 (per person) Cake Top (figurines, flowers, etc): $20-$150 Toasting Glasses: $10-RENTAL ITEMS, $ 100 Ceremony Accessories: $100-$500 Aisle Runner Dance Floor: $100-$600 Tables/Chairs: $3-$10 (per person) Linen/Tableware $3-$25 (per person) Heaters: $25-$75 Lanterns: $6-$60 (a lamp), GIFTS Bride’s Donation: $50-$500 Groom’s Donation: $50-$500 Bridesmaids Gifts: $25-$200 (a gift) Ushers’ Gifts: $25-$200 (a gift), PARTIES Bridesmaids’ Luncheon: $12-$60 (each person) Rehearsal Dinner: $10-$100 (a person), MISCELLANEOUS Newspaper Announcements: $40-$100 (based on size) Bridal Bouquet Preservation: $100-$500 Maid of Honor’s Bouquet:$25-$100 Length of Honor/Bridesmaids’ Hairpiece: $8-$100 Flower Girl’s Hairpiece: $8-$75 Bride’s Going Away Corsage: $10-$50 Groom’s Boutonniere: $4-$25 Ushers/Other Family associates’ Boutonnieres: $3-$15 Altar Candelabra: $50-$200 Aisle Pews: $5-$75 Reception Website Flowers: $300-$3,000 Head Table: $100-$600 Guest Tables: $10-$100 Buffet Table: $50-$500 Punch Table: $10-$100 Cake Table: $30-$300 Cake: $20-$100 Floral Delivery/Set-Up: $25-CEREMONY, $ 200 Website Fee: $100-$1,000 Officiant’s fee: $100-$500 Officiant’s Gratuity: $50-$250 Guestbook: $30-$100 Ring Bearer Pillow: $15-$75 Flower Girl Basket: $20-$75, ATTIRE Bridal Gown: $500-$10,000 Alterations: $75-$500 Headpiece/Veil: $60-$500 Gloves: $15-$100 Jewelry: $60-$2,000 Garter: $15-$60 Shoes: $50-$500 Hairdresser: $50-$250 (per person) Makeup Artist: $30-$150 (per person) Manicure/Pedicure: $15-$75 (per person) Groom’s Formal Wear: $60-$200, PHOTOGRAPHY Bride and Groom Album: $900-$9,000 Parents’ Record: $100-$600 Extra Prints:

5×7: $5-$20

8×10: $15-$30

11×14: $30-$100 Proofs/Previews: $100-$600 Negatives/Digital Documents: $100-$800 Engagement Photograph: $75-$300 Formal Bridal Portrait: $75-$300 Banquet Manager: 15-20 percent of reception invoice Captain or Maitre d’: 15-20 percent Wait Staff: $20 each (maitre d’ will distribute for you) Bartenders: $25-$40 each Restroom/Coatroom Attendees: 50 cents-$1 per guest Valets: 50 cents -$1 a car (or arrange gratuity with management) Limo Driver: 15-20 percent of complete bill (to distribute between them) Delivery Driver(s) (flowers, cake, etc): $10 each Members: $20-$25 each Hairstylist/Makeup Artist: 15-20 percent of invoice, I hope all of this can help and make sure that this is your first step ahead of you so anything else in regards to the wedding., If you want any help whatsoever, just click the “Contact” tab and then send me a quick thought and I will get back to you faster than you can say “I Do.

The Overwhelmed Bride ( is a blog for its frustrated, frustrated, and so-over-it brides! I write so that brides and grooms don’t have to endure the dreaded stress that comes along with planning. I feature tools to keep your preparation on tendencies monitor and measures to select the pressure off so you can just enjoy the moment! On Instagram in @theoverwhelmedbride, follow along for tips and everyday inspiration. Happy Planning:-RRB-, A

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