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Must Haves For Your Wedding

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Must Have for your Wedding

I encounter some FABULOUS goods in my travels, and I am about to share with you my INSIDER SECRETS!! , That’s perfect! I am going to give a list of those things to you that I think a bride MUST HAVE on her wedding day!! (And I’m not talking Advil and Band-Aids… that’s such a typical sense!) , Why Would I Know What You Require? , Well, being a professional event planner and wedding I am approached with goods that NO ONE ELSE KNOW. I also take care of brides on a daily basis, and I know what makes them confident and calm again and exactly what they’re nervous. Some of these products are simply LIFE SAVERS!!! , Are you excited??? , Ok!

Ciara’s Best 10 MUST HAVES for Your wedding, 1) The Groom- haha okay okay… I’m only kidding.

More than 40 women have a hand at making every Spanx merchandise!! It is truly a revolution for females. You CANNOT have panty lines in your wedding gown!!! Check out her website they’re so much more than tummy control body use today. She has some fabulous stuff. Dare I say sexy?

Smoking Hot Sunglasses – Girl, you are likely to be jetting DAY around having your photograph taken. Do not get tired daily, out squinting.

Have a pair of BIG WHITE SHADES. They are the “in” thing at the moment so following your wedding you’ll be able to keep sassing up them in public.

Digital Camera – Yes, yes I understand you are going to have an expert photographer and an aunt who is a shutterbug but pack your very own slim digital camera into your bridal handbag. There are so many moments which you will be crying out. With a camera??? Whip yours outside whenever your weed breaks out to the guy on the dance floor or when the hairdresser will be de-tangling your sister’s hair.

Blot Papers – It is December, and your cosmetics is STILL running!! Stock up on a newspaper from the drug store. They swipe over your face to reduce shine and make you picture.

Flip Flops – YES! They are so unclassy. However, your feet will kill YOU. Once no one is looking is looking slip into these comfy saviors. No one likes to find that a barefoot bride. You spent money on such pedicure!

FIREFLY TIP: Be extra careful to your party and get them some flip flops Make sure that they fit the dresses!!! , Granola Water, Bars, and Other Bite Snacks – You’re likely to get HUNGRY!!! Imagine you eat breakfast at 7 am before you visit your hair appointment. MAYBE you’ve got a bite at 11 am before getting in your dress, but you are probably too nervous to eat. Dinner is not until You’re going to be STARVING!! Pack a tiny snack for you and your groom (he’ll be hungry too). Put it. You are going to be driving around in daily. Do not forget the water, especially if you’re taking photos on a day that is popular!!! Fainting brides are NOT cool! Break out the sunscreen in the afternoon. I recommend. It can go right on your cosmetics, and there’s not any cluttered lotion required.

Bug spray is a MUST, especially for movies and outdoor weddings. Do not get eaten alive!!! , Stick Lick & Tattoo – This is enjoyable. Why not have your something blue become a blossom in your bum!!! Can not it be hilarious with your maid of honor perform that duty??? It will cause you to feel more flirty daily! Bobby pins and safety pins would be. They perform so many tasks you never even knew they could! Were you aware that the majority, not bustle at all or of bustles become un-bustled?? Seriously! Do not be captured slinging your dress around attempting to appreciate your very first dance. A couple of safety pins can save a bustle and a rowdy coif. To The Rescue.

It can be an EXCLUSIVE item that you don’t understand. Madame Paulette is THE cleaner to the celebrities. Vera Wang utilizes her for all of her dresses. Not to mention, Melania Trump used her to keep her wedding gown white after modeling it on the cover of VOGUE! Each kit includes sufficient cleaning capability to be effective in many different situations.

Madame Paulette Professional Stain Removal Kit comes to the rescue when rapid action is necessary. Test it out! , BONUS: Cute After wedding Outfit – There’s something so special about slipping in an adorable “Bride” tank and a jean skirt after all your guests are gone, and you and your honey are enjoying your day as newlyweds. Dress the part and extend this particular feeling, after all! You’re still THE BRIDE! , I suggest stocking up on these products. These Best 10 MUST HAVES (plus the BONUS) are items that you’ll be grinning about on your wedding day. Take it from someone who copes with brides each weekend. All these MUST HAVES will create.

Brides looking for a sparkling, dashing, dream-filled wedding flip to Ciara for most of their wedding planning needs., Ciara is a proud member of the Association of Bridal Consultants., Sign up for Tips & Tricks for the Vibrant & Stylish Bride and Party Host in, Mail:, A

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