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How Video Will Revolutionize the Customer Experience

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How Video will Revolutionize the Customer Experience

The evolution of video will reshape the client service version. I am quite amazed why more companies are not utilizing the technologies of today (primarily WebRTC). With the simplicity, cost and benefit it is will be a sports changer., below are some of the key advantages to integrating video because one of your principal customer service stations that I have seen.

Concrete Experience- Duh! The FACETIME notion from Apple has begun to get people used to the video experience. With taking a wait and see the method on video it allows you to have an advantage with present and potential customers. It can be a means to treat your customer in a way that no one else is doing! Will this be true in five years probably never?

The choice for one and two-way video is there, so clients do not need to feel uncomfortable if they do not want to be seen, however, also the encounter because of this is still at a point where it’s unique and allows for a wow factor. Urge to Buy- When clients go on websites to store that they look at many distinct products on several different sites. There is not the impulse to purchase as with an encounter. Video allows you to leverage these concepts both. An individual can still maintain the comfort of their home while having a one on one experience to urge them to purchase a product or service.

It gave organizations the capacity to provide an in-store encounter with a friendly face and added sales strategies to a regular “service” or “earnings” call. Technology is Here- During technology like WebRTC downloads and plugins are no longer needed. There is a means to make eloquent video connections that frustrate or will not confuse your customers. Routing having an IP address is an ability so clients may be routed to the agent to give an agent and brand loyalty scenario. Let me say that again. Instant loyalty to the brand and also the partner can and will happen if performed correctly.

Price- The cost is very little employ more money could be placed on the advertising budgets to the service given. We have seen this firsthand how the lower price for the video channel has afforded unique marketing opportunities to get clients to use the product. Instead of “forcing” customers to non-personal IVR’s you can finally have individuals presented with personalized one on one experiences. These offer the terrific potential of upsell/cross sell chances to turn your video station into a profit center. No brainer.

Group Service/Fun! – Envision a bridal party a week before the wedding in different cities coming together through a video to have an entirely free chat with a corporation’s “beauty consultant.” That is an opportunity to describe new makeup techniques for the wedding season and what makeup would look the best for a particular complexion. After the session, the wedding party’s members get the goods discussed at a discount delivered to their houses. It is happening.

Powerful, Engagement/Personalization – folks aren’t near a business’s store, do not want to deal with traffic or prefer to shop online. Video allows people everywhere to have very close to being at the warehouse. With backdrops that are confident it could be as if they are there. It is where video’s fun and creativity comes into play. It is possible to match the video experience for your brand.

Sales- Best practices are being designed to flip this service station into a complete vowed profit center. Sales rely on client and faith engagement. There is not any station with this if a video is done right. The ability for earnings opportunities for rising appreciably. Are we just speaking about a product? We can demonstrate it. We have seen that our sales conversion rates go around 30% when video is enabled.,

Augmented reality- There are many chances for you to demonstrate a client what a thing will look like before they purchase. Furniture stores show what their furniture would look like and may have a picture of space. Photos may be taken out of a face to determine the product or a makeup would look. These experiences are unique and reveal the value of your product in front of purchase.

Cutting Edge- Few organizations are embracing this technology. It is one of the few times in company where there’s a possibility for your business to market as an early innovator. Delaying makes sense to me. The cost is insignificant, the technology is proven, and the consumer want is not there. Get out in front., Video is here. Will have such an edge in the market place.

Five years from now this will be common place. Are you prepared to wait patiently? Your company could be trivial by that time too., Thomas Laird is a consumer service and contact center advisor and operations professional with over 25 years of experience. A 100% onshore multichannel contact center including voice, chat, IVR/App self-service, sociable media and VIDEO Service and the head writer of, A

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