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How To Apply BB on Different Skin Tone

How To Apply BB on Different Skin Tone

BB creams have taken the world by storm! BB creams and sticks are a complete rage right now. Most of the women are not aware of its usage and benefit. Now, what does BB Cream means? It is being referred to many things like `blemish balm, blemish base, beauty benefit and bright benefit.

Maybelline has come up with its own versions of the product. One is BB Cream called Clear Glow Bright Benefit and BB Stick called Clear Glow Shine Free Stick.  BB Cream  Clear Glow Bright Benefit is a multi purpose product as it gives a wonderful base to a makeup and also hydrates brighten and smoothens your facial skin.

Here are some easy steps to use the Maybelline bright benefit cream:

Check out the product Radiance which is the number two of the three colours, Radiance, Natural and Nude, where Nude is the darkest amongst all and Radiance has a peachy light tone apt for light skin. All the three products offered by Maybelline will suit each and every skin tone, as they completely disappear into the skin.   

To apply, just squeeze out a bit of product to the brush and apply it on cheeks, nose and skin. Just blend it like a foundation and it gives minimal coverage. It offers fresh and natural finish. It is great for young skin and early usage will protect your skin from all the lifestyle damages. On the other hand for the slight mature skin, you can use it as a primer and works well underneath your foundation. So, you can use colours accordingly.

For young skin, Bright Benefit Cream is required and it doesn’t need any powder. The product has the properties that keep it matt for five hours. So, you don’t really need a powder!  However, if you must then dust it slightly with a powder and continue with your makeup like a blush, eyeliner and a balm. The major point is to keep the cream as the centrepiece of your makeup and keep your skin fresh.

If there are any blemishes on your face like redness around your nose then it will completely disappear and offers more clarity to skin tone. The product effectively evens out your skin tone by concealing blemishes and removing redness. It also protects skin with an SPF of 21 and apt for all skin types. The product is quite light and apt for daily usage.

In case, it does not work, you can also go for Maybelline Clear Glow Shine free Stick. The BB stick has SPF 21 that offers long lasting protection against the sun and has outstanding coverage. It evens out your skin, concealing blemishes and removing redness.

It comes in two shades, Zero Two Radiance and Zero Four Fawn. The former one has a lighter shade, whereas the latter one has a darker shade. You must choose the product that suits your skin tone.  Stick stays on matt for a longer period of time. You can use it directly to your skin and be using a foundation a brush just cover the whole area. The product is quite light and effectively brightens up the skin. There is no need to use powder. It is a shine free product with a natural kind of dewy finish.  The stick contains mineral clay and good for oily skin as it keeps you relatively shine free. The product works effectively against fine lines and wrinkles. It is a great product range from Maybelline and protects your skin. It also ensures that your skin stays healthy through your ageing process.

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