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Be a 1950s Bombshell Bride

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Be a 1950s Bombshell Bride
Why not proceed for a more glamorous appearance, and have a bit more fun with your wedding gown? Among the most surprising ways to emulate is the 1950s bombshell., When you consider the 1950s bride, you likely believe demure and feminine. Brides of that age who instantly come to mind are Jackie Kennedy and Grace Kelly.
They were ladies, but there was still another side to the 1950s that antiques can turn to for inspiration. Picture the authentic blond bombshells of the age, notably Marilyn Monroe., The bombshell appearance is pure elegance and sex appeal, but it is seductive, not sleazy. Women of that age knew with no baring everything how to turn heads.
It is why the appearance is a fun 1 for brides – you may have a wedding day appearance which is fantastic and makes you look and feel like a million dollars, without being too outrageous., To be a 1950s bombshell bride, and the first place to begin is with your dress. Start looking for a dress which is going to match close to the chest (you may even wear a bullet bra if you’d like!), slender through the midsection, and after that flow into a full skirt with motion.
Fabrics with a tan like a twin faced silk lace are ideal., of course, the many classic 1950s bombshell dress is the white halter dress worn by Marilyn Monroe.
Halter necklines are popular with brides today, which means you will have lots of options if you choose to go this route. If you can find a halter dress that nips in at the waist and after that flows into a full swirling skirt, then it’d be excellent! , No woman is completely dressed without the accessories, and thus choosing the perfect bridal jewelry collections will be crucial to your bombshell bride look. It isn’t the time! Think dazzle and sparkle.
Sets of bridal jewelry created from crystals and rhinestones can provide you the glamorous appearance of the 1950s siren., Don’t forget about your makeup and hair, which were fundamental to the look of the 1950s bombshell. Red lipstick is vital. Shop around to find the perfect shade for your skin tone, whether it is a blue undertone or an undertone.
In general, the red lipsticks with bluer undertones can make your teeth look whiter. To keep your ideal lipstick first wax your lips color on your lips with red lip pencils, and apply the lipstick. A very matte face would be authentic to the age, but you aren’t going to a costume party, so feel free to bring a bit of shiny lip gloss to modernize your makeup., so You will surely need the perfect hairdo to finish your bombshell bride result. Sleek, shiny waves are stunning.
Watch some of those films in the 1950s, and be sure to bring in a few examples. Just like the makeup, you wish to capture the age while still looking new and current., For brides seeking to glam it up in their wedding day, then you simply can not beat the appeal of the 1950s bombshells.
Whether you have always been a fan, or are just looking for a way to add interest to your wedding, adding a bit of their glamorous side of their ’50s to your wedding is guaranteed to be a lot of fun., Let us know if you need help in any field of planning your wedding.
Take advantage of Bridget’s expertise helping customers select accessories and jewelry. Bridal jewelry collections – are a fantastic way to bring a bit of glamour.

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